In a world where first impressions are everything and at a time when consumers are growing ever skeptical of marketing, peer recommendations in the form of app store ratings and reviews stand alone as the single greatest driver of discovery and conversion.

If you’re looking to boost ratings for your app, you already recognize their importance.

Reaching the hallowed halls of the five-star app club isn’t magic. It’s science. And art. In this new guide, we collected data from hundreds of app consumers and one hundred top-ranked apps to help you boost your ratings and reviews, and ultimately, drive discoverability and loyal customers. 

  • New data around why ratings and reviews matter more than ever 
  • Why your app doesn't have five-stars (and how to fix it) 
  • How to tap into your "silent majority" of customers to gather valuable feedback, which leads to higher ratings and reviews 
  • How to evaluate your customer experience to ask for ratings and reviews at the right time 
  • And so much more!