New App Metrics for a New App Ecosystem

SquareMockup_AppMarketingMetrics.pngThe mobile app industry is constantly evolving. Sadly, the typical mobile marketing reporting dashboard looks the same as it did eight years ago when the first mobile app launched.

But are these the metrics that really speak to mobile marketing performance in 2016? Can a static dashboard do justice to a dynamic industry?

To better guide your mobile marketing decision-making, we’ve identified six alternative metrics that speak to the current state of the mobile app industry. The guide will help you build a reporting dashboard capable of measuring whatever 2016 throws at you.


  • 6 new metrics worth adopting, and 6 old metrics worth ditching
  • Measurement tips to avoid missed opportunities and sacrificed ROI 
  • New calculations to help you measure success 
  • Methods for tracking your progress
And so much more!